Easy Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

Turkey handprint crafts is a delightful and engaging way to get creative with children, especially during the Thanksgiving season. These crafts involve using the shape of a handprint to create adorable turkeys that can be used as decorations or keepsakes. By capturing the unique size and shape of a child’s hand, turkey handprint crafts provide a personal touch and make for cherished memories.

Benefits of Turkey Handprint Craft

Engaging in turkey handprint craft offers numerous benefits for both children and adults. First and foremost, they provide an opportunity for quality bonding time between parents, caregivers, and children. Creating these crafts together fosters a sense of togetherness and strengthens relationships.

Additionally, turkey handprint crafts stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. They encourage kids to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas for decorating their turkeys. This process enhances their artistic abilities and allows them to express themselves through art.

Furthermore, turkey handprint crafts promote fine motor skills development in young children. The process of tracing and cutting out handprints helps improve hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. It also introduces them to basic concepts of shapes and sizes.

Materials Needed

Before embarking on a turkey handprint craft session, gather the following materials:

  1. Construction paper in various colors (brown, red, yellow, orange, etc.)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue or glue sticks
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Markers or crayons
  6. Optional: Feathers, pom-poms, ribbons, or any other decorative materials

Make sure to have enough supplies for each child participating in the craft session. It’s always a good idea to have some extra materials on hand in case of mishaps or if kids want to get extra creative.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Turkey Handprint Crafts

Follow these simple steps to create your own turkey handprint crafts:

Gathering the Materials

  • Set up a designated craft area with all the necessary materials within reach.
  • Lay out the construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, markers or crayons, and any additional decorative materials you’ve chosen.

Preparing the Work Area

  • Lay down a protective covering such as a plastic tablecloth or newspaper to prevent any messes.
  • Ensure there’s enough space for each child to comfortably work on their craft.

Creating the Handprints

  • Have the child place their hand, palm down, on a sheet of brown construction paper.
  • Trace around their hand using a marker or pencil.
  • Carefully cut out the traced handprint. This will serve as the turkey’s body.

Adding Details and Decorations

Once you have the handprint cut out, it’s time to add the turkey’s details and decorations:

  • Using construction paper in various colors, cut out small shapes to represent the turkey’s feathers. These can be simple oval or teardrop shapes.
  • Glue the feathers onto the back of the handprint, arranging them in a fan-like pattern.
  • Attach googly eyes near the top of the handprint, just above the thumb area. These eyes give the turkey a playful and expressive look.
  • Draw a small triangle-shaped beak using markers or crayons and glue it just below the eyes.
  • Add a wattle, which is the red, fleshy part that hangs down from a turkey’s neck, by drawing a small teardrop shape using red construction paper. Glue it below the beak.
  • For an extra touch of creativity, use additional materials like feathers, pom-poms, or ribbons to decorate the turkey’s body or background.

Personalizing the Crafts

Encourage children to add their own personal touches to their turkey handprint crafts. They can decorate the background with drawings or messages related to Thanksgiving or write their names and the date on the back of the craft. Personalization adds a sentimental value to the crafts and makes them unique to each child.

Ideas for Turkey Handprint Crafts

Here are a few fun and creative ideas for turkey handprint crafts:

Handprint Turkey Cards

  • Fold a piece of colored construction paper in half to create a card.
  • Glue the turkey handprint onto the front of the card.
  • Encourage children to write a heartfelt message inside the card.

Handprint Turkey Wreath

  • Cut out a large circle from a sturdy material like cardboard.
  • Have children create multiple turkey handprints and decorate them.
  • Glue the turkey handprints around the circle, overlapping them slightly, to form a wreath shape.
  • Hang the turkey handprint wreath on a door or wall for a festive decoration.

Turkey Placemat featuring Handprint

  • Cut a rectangular shape from a piece of sturdy fabric or laminated paper to create a placemat.
  • Decorate the placemat with turkey handprints and additional Thanksgiving-themed drawings or messages.
  • Laminate the placemat or cover it with clear adhesive paper for durability.

Handprint Turkey Banner

  • Cut out several turkey handprints and decorate them.
  • Punch holes at the top of each handprint and string them together using a ribbon or twine to create a banner.
  • Hang the turkey handprint banner across a wall or fireplace mantel as a festive decoration.

Tips for a Successful Turkey Handprint Craft Session

Here are some tips to make your turkey handprint craft session enjoyable and successful:

  1. Prepare all the materials and set up the work area in advance to avoid any interruptions or delays.
  2. Offer a variety of colors and decorative materials to encourage children’s creativity.
  3. Provide assistance when needed, especially during cutting or using glue.
  4. Encourage children to share their ideas and ask questions throughout the process.
  5. Emphasize the fun and joy of creating together rather than focusing solely on the final result.


Turkey handprint crafts are a wonderful way to engage children in a creative and meaningful activity during the Thanksgiving season. They promote bonding, stimulate imagination, and enhance fine motor skills. By following simple steps and using common materials, you can create personalized turkey handprint crafts that serve as cherished keepsakes or delightful decorations. Enjoy the process of crafting and treasure the memories made with your little ones.


Can I use washable paint instead of construction paper for the handprints?

Yes, washable paint can be a great alternative to construction paper for creating handprints. Simply apply the paint to the child’s hand using a brush or sponge and press it onto a suitable surface such as paper or fabric. Allow the paint to dry before adding the turkey’s details and decorations.

Are turkey handprint crafts suitable for all age groups?

Turkey handprint crafts can be enjoyed by children of various age groups. Younger children may require more assistance with tracing and cutting out handprints, while older children can participate more independently. Adjust the complexity of the craft and the level of involvement based on the age and abilities of the children involved.

Can I use alternative materials for the feathers and decorations?

Absolutely! Turkey handprint crafts are highly customizable, and you can use a wide range of materials for the feathers and decorations. Consider using fabric scraps, tissue paper, or even natural materials like leaves or twigs. Let your imagination soar and choose materials that suit your preferences and creativity.

How long does it take for the glue to dry?

The drying time for glue can vary depending on the type and brand. Generally, it’s best to follow the instructions on the glue bottle. In most cases, glue used for crafting purposes will dry within 15-30 minutes. However, it’s advisable to allow the crafts to dry overnight before handling them to ensure they are fully set and secure.

Can I display the turkey handprint crafts outdoors?

While turkey handprint crafts are not designed for outdoor use, you can adapt them for temporary outdoor display. If you intend to showcase the crafts outdoors, consider laminating them or using weather-resistant materials. However, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture may cause fading or damage to the crafts. It’s best to display them indoors or in a protected outdoor area.


Remember, turkey handprint crafts are all about having fun, fostering creativity, and making special memories with children. Enjoy the process, encourage imagination, and let the little artists in your life create their own unique and colorful turkeys!

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