Easter Activities for Kids: 10 Fun Crafts and Games for a Memorable Day


Hello there! Are you looking to make this Easter an unforgettable experience for your little ones? Look no further! In this article, I’ll share a variety of exciting Easter activities for kids that will keep them entertained, foster creativity, and spread joy. From delightful crafts to interactive games, we have everything you need to make this holiday celebration extra special.

Easter Crafts for Kids: Let Creativity Blossom

Encourage your child’s artistic flair and let their creativity blossom with these amazing Easter craft ideas. These crafts are simple, engaging, and will provide hours of fun for your little artists. Gather the materials and let’s dive into these delightful activities!

 1. Egg Carton Chicks

– Egg cartons
– Yellow paint
– Googly eyes
– Orange and yellow feathers
– Glue
– Scissors


1. Cut out individual cups from the egg carton.
2. Paint the cups with yellow paint and let them dry.
3. Glue googly eyes onto each cup to create eyes for the chicks.
4. Attach orange feathers to the back of the cup as wings.
5. Add a small yellow feather at the front as a beak.
6. Allow the chicks to dry completely before displaying them proudly!

 2. Bunny Ears Headband


– White and pink craft foam or construction paper
– Glue
– Scissors
– Elastic string


1. Cut out two large bunny ear shapes from the white craft foam.
2. Cut out smaller inner ear shapes from the pink craft foam.
3. Glue the pink inner ear shapes onto the white ear shapes.
4. Attach the ears to the ends of the headband using glue.
5. Measure the elastic string to fit comfortably around your child’s head and secure it to the headband.
6. Your child can now hop around with their adorable bunny ears!

3. Paper Plate Easter Bunny


– Paper plates
– Pink and white construction paper
– Googly eyes
– Pink pom-poms
– Cotton balls
– Glue
– Scissors


1. Cut out bunny ears from the white construction paper and smaller pink shapes for the inner ears.
2. Glue the pink inner ears onto the white ears.
3. Glue the ears onto the back of a paper plate.
4. Attach googly eyes and a pink pom-pom for the bunny’s nose.
5. Decorate the rest of the plate with cotton balls to represent the bunny’s fur.
6. Allow the glue to dry, and your adorable paper plate Easter bunny is ready to hop into the festivities!

4. Decorated Easter Eggs


– Hard-boiled eggs

– Food coloring or egg dye
– Vinegar
– Water
– Palettes or cups
– Paintbrushes
– Stickers, markers, or glitter (optional)


1. Prepare the egg dye by mixing food coloring or egg dye with water and a small amount of vinegar.
2. Dip the hard-boiled eggs into the dye, ensuring they are fully submerged.
3. Leave the eggs in the dye for about 5-10 minutes or until desired color is achieved.
4. Carefully remove the eggs from the dye and let them dry on a wire rack.
5. Once dry, let your child’s imagination run wild by decorating the eggs with stickers, markers, or glitter.
6. Display the decorated eggs as a centerpiece or hide them for an exciting Easter egg hunt!

5. Bunny Mask


– Paper plates
– Craft sticks or popsicle sticks
– Pink and white construction paper
– Googly eyes
– Glue
– Scissors


1. Cut a paper plate in half to create the base of the bunny mask.
2. Cut out two large bunny ear shapes from the white construction paper.
3. Glue the ears onto the top of the paper plate.
4. Attach googly eyes just below the ears to create the bunny’s face.
5. Cut out a small pink shape for the bunny’s nose and glue it below the eyes.
6. Glue a craft stick or popsicle stick to the bottom of the mask for your child to hold.
7. Let your child put on the mask and hop into their role as a cute bunny!

Easter Games for Kids: Let the Fun Begin

6. Easter Egg Relay Race

– Plastic Easter eggs
– Spoons
– Open space or designated race area


1. Divide the children into teams.
2. Set up a start and finish line in the race area.
3. Each child must balance a plastic Easter egg on a spoon and race to the finish line without dropping it.
4. If an egg falls, the child must start again from the beginning.
5. The first team to have all their participants cross the finish line without dropping their eggs wins!

7. Bunny Hop Sack Race


– Large burlap sacks or pillowcases
– Open space or designated race area


1. Provide each child with a burlap sack or pillowcase.
2. Line up the children at the starting line.
3. Instruct them to hop from the starting line to the finish line by staying inside their sacks.
4. The first child to reach the finish line wins the race.
5. For added fun, encourage the children to imitate bunny hops as they race!

8. Pin the Tail on the Bunny


– Large poster board or paper
– Markers or colored pencils
– Construction paper
– Tape or sticky putty
– Blindfold


1. Draw a large bunny on the poster board or paper.
2. Cut out a fluffy tail from the construction paper.
3. Attach the bunny to a wall or a flat surface at a child-friendly height.
4. Blindfold one child at a time and spin them gently.
5. Hand the child the tail and instruct them to pin it as close to the correct spot as possible.
6. The child who pins the tail closest to the right spot wins the game.

 9. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt


– Plastic Easter eggs
– Small treats or prizes to hide inside the eggs
– Clues (written or verbally given)
– Outdoor or indoor space for the hunt


1. Hide the plastic Easter eggs filled with treats or prizes in the designated area.
2. Create clues for each egg’s location and give them to the children.
3. Let the children follow the clues to find the hidden eggs.
4. The child who finds the most eggs within a specified time or completes the hunt first wins a special prize.

10. Egg and Spoon Race Materials:

– Plastic Easter eggs or hard-boiled eggs
– Spoons
– Open space or designated race area


1. Divide the children into teams.
2. Give each child a spoon and an egg.
3. Instruct the children to balance the egg on the spoon and race to the finish line without dropping it.
4. If an egg falls, the child must start again from the beginning.
5. The first team to have all their participants cross the finish line without dropping their eggs wins!


This Easter, make the celebration unforgettable for your kids with these engaging activities. From creative crafts that unleash their artistic side to interactive games that foster friendly competition, there’s something for every child to enjoy. The joy and memories created during these activities will be cherished for years to come. So, gather the materials, let the imagination soar, and have a fantastic Easter celebration with your little ones!


Q1: What age range are these Easter activities suitable for?

These Easter activities are designed to be enjoyed by children of various ages, typically ranging from preschoolers to early elementary school age. However, with some adaptations and adult supervision, older children can also join in on the fun!

Q2: Can I personalize the crafts with additional decorations or materials?

Absolutely! These crafts are meant to inspire creativity, so feel free to add your own personal touches. Use glitter, stickers, ribbons, or any other decorative materials you have on hand to make the crafts even more unique and special.

Q3: Are these Easter crafts and games safe for kids?

Yes, these Easter crafts and games are generally safe for kids when proper precautions are taken. However, adult supervision is always recommended, especially when using scissors, paint, or any materials that may pose a choking hazard.

Q4: Where can I find the materials for these Easter crafts and games?

Most of the materials required for these activities can be found at your local craft stores, dollar stores, or even online retailers. Check your local community centers or libraries as they may also offer Easter-themed craft events with materials provided.

Q5: How can I adapt these activities for an indoor Easter celebration?

If you’re hosting an indoor Easter celebration, you can modify these activities to suit your space. For example, you can set up a smaller-scale scavenger hunt indoors or use softer materials for the crafts to avoid any potential damage. Use your creativity to adapt these activities to your specific indoor environment!

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